Directors may place students in more than one level – depending on age and ability.

Our goal is to nurture and help each student develop in dance and vision, as well as to learn to enjoy the self-discipline involved as their skills and artistry grow.

Our teachers are qualified, experienced and have a passion for dance and their students. They are leaders and role models, in addition, most of them are currently professional dancers having traveled the world many times with Ballet Excelsior of Houston. They bring a wealth of knowledge to each class and understand exams thoroughly; and with care and diligence, they know how to coach students.



Tap 1 will build foundational tap technique while also teaching music theory, rhythm training, and weight transfers that are fundamental and applicable to all styles of dance. This skill building is combined with games and creative practical application exercises for a fun extension to other dance training. 

Tap is a combined class consisting of beginner and return beginner students and is personally customized to meet the needs of each tapper.  Beginner level students will be introduced to and continue to polish basic tap steps while introducing various combinations of steps and turns as the students progress.  The class is structured to accommodate beginners as well as continuing tap students while remaining challenging and fun for all. Each class concludes with games that allow the students to work on their tap skills in a fun, engaging manner.

Through each class, the warm-up, traveling combinations, and center arrangements are designed to start at a beginner level and progress towards more advanced technique through the addition of turns, extra sounds, and acceleration of speed.  Flash steps such as wings and variations on pullbacks are introduced at this level.


Class IdClass NameClass Start Date Class Start Time Class Length Class Ends Instructor(s)Age RangeOpeningsAction
TAP 1Tap 1 (Beginner)Tuesday, August 23, 20224:00 PM30 minutesTuesday, June 13, 2023Rebecca Lupnitz7 - 1319Enroll