5/6 Year Ballet/Tap

5 or 6 years old in August. This 60-minute class begins with 45 minutes of dance/ballet and ends with 15 minutes of tap.

At ESD, with imaginative stimuli, we enjoy dance and help students discover and develop dance movement, focus, space awareness, posture, coordination, confidence and much more!  Our qualified and experienced teachers have a passion for their students as well as their own continued training.

Performance: Students will perform an in-studio Christmas dance for their family, as well as perform in the end-of-year Theatrical Production.

Class IdClass NameClass Start Date Class Start Time Class Length Class Ends Instructor(s)Age RangeOpeningsAction
5-6Yr5-6 Year Ballet/TapMonday, August 22, 20224:30 PM1 hourMonday, June 12, 2023Izzy Pollok5 - 1116Enroll
5-6Yr5-6 Year Ballet/TapTuesday, August 23, 20224:45 PM1 hourTuesday, June 13, 2023Gracie Sawyer5 - 1119Enroll
5-6Yr5-6 Year Ballet/TapWednesday, August 24, 20229:15 AM1 hourWednesday, June 7, 2023Ashleigh McKinley, Izzy Pollok5 - 1120Enroll
5-6Yr5-6 Year Ballet/TapThursday, August 25, 20229:15 AM1 hourThursday, June 8, 2023Ashley White5 - 1118Enroll
5-6Yr5-6 Year Ballet/TapThursday, August 25, 20225:45 PM1 hourThursday, June 8, 2023Sarah Smithwick5 - 1120Enroll