Student must have passed their Level 7 and/or Level 8 Exam or been approved by directors or administration to enroll into this class.


Pre-requisite is a successful exam from previous level OR placement by a director.

Meets a minimum of three days a week for 6-hours 30-minutes per week including a pointe class. Vocationally minded or exam students also take the Tuesday and Friday Advanced Level 7-8 in addition to maintaining strength over the summer break.

Exams: Level 8 and Level 9 exam students are required to take the Advanced classes four days a week, as well as Modern and Conditioning. In addition, they are required to maintain strength over the summer months by attending ballet classes and Intensives. Progress through this level takes two or more years. Exams usually take place at the end of April.

Performance: Students will perform in both:

  • Dance With A Purpose: – Our annual fundraiser concert each October/November.
  • Theatrical Production: End-of-year Theatrical Production usually at the beginning of June.
  • Level 8 and Level 9 students are eligible to be a part of the BET (Ballet Excelsior Trainee Program) for more ministry/performance opportunities.
Class IdClass NameClass Start Date Class Start Time Class Length Class Ends Instructor(s)Age RangeOpeningsAction
L8/9Level 8/9&PTEMonday, August 22, 20226:45 PM2 hoursMonday, June 12, 2023Rebecca Lupnitz14 - 4710Enroll
L8/9Level 8/9&PTEWednesday, August 24, 20224:30 PM2 hoursWednesday, June 7, 2023Liza Pollok14 - 4723Enroll
L8/9Level 8/9&PTEFriday, August 26, 20224:00 PM2 hours, 30 minutesFriday, June 9, 2023Liza Pollok14 - 4726Enroll