Welcome to the Excelsior School of Dance Business Portal

This Excelsior School of Dance Business Portal will allow you to view and enroll in classes, view account balances, make online payments, update your contact information, view your class schedule, and much more...

 Getting Started

Click on the "Register/Sign-In" menu item in the top-right corner. Simply enter your email address to get started. If you don't have a business portal account, we will create one for you with the email address you entered. If you previously created an account, you'll be able to logon to view your account information.

Remember, you can always browse the list of classes offered by Excelsior School of Dance at any time by clicking on the "Classes" link above.

 Need Help?

If you need help using the Business Portal, please contact the Excelsior School of Dance office. The contact information is displayed below.

 Additional Information

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